Casting & Talent

Utilizing actors to bring your script to life may sound like an expensive proposition, but we have found that hiring a professional can save a lot of time – and time is money. Reading a script is not as easy as it seems, and the use of amateurs often leads to numerous shooting delays and extra time in the edit suite. is fortunate to be located in the New York Metro area, where the pool of talent to choose from is abundant. We have been casting roles for many years and have developed close relationships with many professionals in the area. As such, we know who to call if you need a nurse, doctor, taxi driver, mother or child. Still, individually selecting the right talent for each role in each script is important. We often hold casting sessions where clients can meet these actors and see them up close.

Whether a person being filmed is an actor or an actual performer, they always want to look their best. We can provide professional make-up artists; or in a pinch, dab a bit of powder on the nose, straighten the tie or tame the flyaway hair with our portable make-up kit.